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I have a confession to make.

You might say that I’m a book designer who is committed to a relationship . . . with the printed book, but I find no shame in experiencing a casual rendezvous with eBooks.

Don’t judge.

In the past, I would lug stacked manuscripts home intent on mining a few design ideas, and then it happened, I was introduced to an eReader. Good riddance to throwing my massive paper girth around apologetically on buses, planes and trains. I was saved.

I now carry a sleek eReader filled with content, powered up waiting to be read, swiped and pinched. Curious onlookers are unable to judge me (or my eReader) from my coverless, possibly trashy, read. The device is light and flattering to any body shape and coordinates with almost any outfit—slimming and stylish.

Alas, as do most book designers, I prefer the well-designed bound book. Filled with well-dressed words with carefully chosen typefaces. Love the feel of natural pages between my fingers. I appreciate the eye-catching book cover, perfection in imperfections and the tactile details of production values.

Even the pre-loved stray dog-eared ones are embraced in my home. A favourite author signature inscribed in ink on the title page is a feat yet to be accomplished in an eBook. Not to mention, the joy of reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon without being interrupted with the high demands made by a low battery. Books don't break when dropped from hands to floor while nodding off for a nap nor do book pages hurt when unintentionally released onto a snoozing face.

Must book lovers be monogamous? No, I say.

The printed book is a faithful old friend. Find comfort between the covers, whether printed or digital, take delight in the unadulterated pleasure of reading a well-told story by some of the world's greatest minds. Read whatever tickles your fancy—just read. It feeds the mind and fuels the soul. Here size does not matter.